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elk hunting

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Contact us today about "True Wilderness Hunts"

Black Diamond Outfitting LLC operates in the Gros Ventre and Wind River Mountains of Western Wyoming. We pride ourselves in taking care of all the details of your mountain Wilderness trip, having hearty meals, and guiding you to the best remote locations for the ultimate hunting and fishing experiences.   Because of the large area we have access to, we can provide fishing trips for nine of Wyoming's most popular game fish. We pride ourselves on knowing where to go for the best experiences and how to get you there.

These two beautiful Wilderness areas have many peaks that tower from 10,000 to 13,000 feet and have many high mountain lakes and streams to challenge the most avid fisherman. For this summer, we've put together special 5- and 7-day Wilderness trips that take us to our favorite places and fishing paradises! These trips offer beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife viewing, and the best fishing ever! We invite you to come along and share in this Wilderness adventure with us!


Experience a Full Day Adventure on the Upper Green River

Price for Full Day: $750 (for two participants)
Scenic view
Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the Upper Green River with our exclusive full-day guided float trip. Perfect for both novice and experienced anglers, this journey promises not only a chance at landing some of the area's renowned large fish but also provides an opportunity to soak in the stunning scenery and vibrant wildlife that lines the riverbanks.Explore the Upper Green River, where the waters are abundant with fish and the landscapes are breathtaking. You and your fishing companion will spend the day aboard one of our comfortable drift boats, expertly guided by seasoned professionals who know these waters intimately.
Book Your Adventure: Ready to cast your line into the pristine waters of the Upper Green River? Contact us at to reserve your spot on this exclusive float trip. Let us guide you to the best spots and create a memorable fishing experience that you'll cherish for years to come.

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High Country Fishing Expeditions
Wilderness Pack Trips, Photography Trips
Scenic view
During the summer months, we offer the ultimate in high country lake and stream fishing in the Bridger Wilderness and Gros Ventre Wilderness areas. The Bridger Wilderness has over 1,300 lakes in the Wind River Mountains that can be accessed from several trailheads. We are permitted to operate in the entire 100-mile range of the Pinedale Ranger District on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The Gros Ventre Wilderness area has fewer lakes, but is a more remote Wilderness experience with fewer people using the area and an ideal location for the photography trip or family vacation.

Wind River Mountains
Our trips will delight the most serious fishing enthusiast with opportunities to fish for a variety of trout species during the course of our 5- and 7-day Wilderness adventures. Our guides have been fishing these lakes and streams for many years and know the best places to fish, when the hatches are, and which flies to use. We'll take care of the horses, camp logistics, and serve up great food and drinks. All you need to worry about is fishing and enjoying the scenery! These will be very special trips that you won't want to miss, and definitely for any avid angler.

Gros Ventre Mountains
Our trips take us along high mountain trails through alpine forest with views of rugged, snow-capped mountain peaks. We often see deer and elk on our rides and, if we're lucky, sometimes grizzly bears, mountain lions or wolves. The area we use receives light pressure from visitors, and we often feel like we have the Wilderness area to ourselves for days at a time.

The area offers spectacular mountain vistas for awesome photographic opportunities. During the summer months, the wildflowers are beautiful! Red Indian paintbrush, blue lupine, yellow arrowleaf balsamroot and white columbine dot the high mountain meadows. These trips are designed for a family outing where peace and tranquility far outway a fishing expedition.

Please call or e-mail us with questions about trip prices and date availability and we'll get back with you with more information.

Spot Packs & Drop Camps/Gear Drops
"Service to anywhere in the Wind River Range"
Spot Packs:
Horses for riders and pack horses for gear.

Drop Camps/Gear Drops:
Pack horses for gear only.

Most Spot Packs and Drop Camps/Gear Drops are CUSTOM PRICED and based on number of people, amount of gear, and destination. Please call or e-mail us for a quote.

Don't have all the gear you need? Ask about our gear lease options.



2015 Summer Prices

Summer Custom Trips:

$275.00 a day per person.
Five or more people, for 5 or more days, $225.00 per person. Children from 8-18 $175 a day per person.

Summer custom trip price includes all meals, transportation to and from Jackson Hole and the trailhead, sales tax, and Federal Special Use Permit fees which are required to operate on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Fees do not include gratuities to the Guides or Cook. Guests need to bring a sleeping bag and personal gear including their fishing rod, reels, flies and float tubes. Don't have it? Ask about our gear lease.

Summer Refund Policy
A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. You can cancel the trip up to 30 days prior to its departure date with a 100% refund of your deposit. Cancellations occuring within 30 days of your trip departure date will result in complete forfeiture of your deposit. The remainder of the balance is due the first night in camp. Personal checks are acceptable.

Big Bull Elk Video Clips

Big Bull video taken 1/2 mile from camp.



Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Sheep, Antelope        
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The rugged 317,874-acre Gros Ventre Wilderness Area is home to elk, moose, black bear, grizzly bear, mule deer, bighorn sheep and wolves. It receives relatively light human use due to the draw of nearby Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and the Bridger Wilderness Area. The Gros Ventre Wilderness has over 20 mountain peaks that rise above 10,000 feet and Doubletop Peak, the highest point in the wilderness, towers 11,750 feet.

Our hunting camp is located in the Tosi Creek drainage of the Gros Ventre Wilderness. We are the only big game outfitter in the area and enjoy very little resident pressure. The camp has always enjoyed excellent trophy elk and trophy deer hunting from its establishment in the early 1900s. We hunt Elk Area 93 (limited quota) and Elk Area 82 (general). We also hunt Deer Area 162 (limited quota) and Deer Area 155/Region H (general). We hunt Moose Area 3 and 5.

This is truly wilderness hunting on horseback - where the elk are. The camp sits at 8500 feet elevation and is a two-hour horseback ride from the trailhead. There are no trucks or 4-wheelers. The wilderness boundary prevents anyone without a horse from being able to access the area. Remember, the big bulls and bucks don't hang out next to the road. Let us show you what wilderness hunting is really about - the way it was meant to be done.

Our hunting camp consists of a large 16' x 20' canvas cook tent with propane cooking stoves and 10' x 12' canvas wall tents with propane lanterns. All hunter tents are outfitted with comfortable cots and wood stoves. Our backcountry cooking is the best you'll get anywhere! My guides and I have each been hunting and guiding in Wyoming for over 13 years. We pride ourselves in a small, but professional outfit that is interested in serious hunting for the serious hunter. Our results speak for themselves. We have an 85% success rate with bull elk. We never kill anything smaller than a 5 by 5 and most bulls are at least 6 by 6.

Our philosophy of "Quality and not Quantity" is a statement we do not take lightly. Given the choice, we wouldn't hunt anywhere else in Wyoming, and you shouldn't either.

elk hunting

Sheep Hunting
Our sheep hunts take place in hunt areas 8 and 23 near Green River Lakes. This is an excellent hunt with personal attention taken to ensure a quality trophy. These hunts are staged from a small base camp in the valley floor with horses, and it is all up hill from there. A guide, packer and hunter leave from the base camp with backpacks, dehydrated food, and the bare essentials. Most outings are for 5-day increments, and a return trip to base camp for supplies is rarely needed. Most rams taken will score in the 160-175 point range with the mature rams broomed and boasting good 15" bases. This hunt is extremely demanding on the body, but offers a very gratifying and rewarding outcome when your trophy is harvested. We offer these hunts with the help of the areas finest Sheep Guide, Greg Petersen. He has been hunting sheep in this exact location for over 25 years and knows these sheep and the area better than anyone. It won't take much research in the sheep world for the Petersen name to rise to the top, and we are extremely proud of his track record and past success that he brings to our operation. Please join us on an unforgettable hunt into the magnificent Wind River Mountains.

What is included in your Hunt
Fees include all meals, packing, care of meat to the processor, care of cape to the taxidermist, transportation to and from Jackson Hole and the trailhead, sales tax, and Federal Special Use Permit fees which are required to operate on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Fees do not include gratuities to the Guides or Cook.

What our customers say

The hunt of a lifetime

Marc killed a trophy Boone and Crockett bull scoring 355 in October 2003.

"I chose the guys at Black Diamond for my elk hunt based on the great experiences of a friend who had hunted with them. The guides put us into elk time and time again. We covered lots of territory on horseback and on foot, some of the prettiest country I've ever seen. Shooting a big bull was an amazing experience and something I'll never forget. Also unforgettable: the incredible meals and desserts our cook created over a campfire and stove; glassing 8 or 10 trophy bulls in a single meadow the night before the hunt; the stars in the Wyoming sky. These folks cared so much about making my hunt the best it could be that by the time I shot my elk I didn't celebrate with hunting guides - I celebrated with good friends. Their love of the Wyoming outdoors, hunting and elk shows in everything they do." - Marc Demers, Winter Park FL

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Fall Hunt Prices

Elk Hunt Private Guide (7 Days)
Elk Hunt 2 Hunters per Guide (7 Days)
Elk/Deer Combination 2 Hunters per Guide (7 Days)
Deer Hunt 2 Hunters per Guide (5 Days)
Moose Hunt Private Guide (7 Days)
Antelope Hunt Private Guide (5 Days)
Sheep Hunt Private Guide (10 Days)

Hunt Dates

Elk Hunt Dates
General (Area 82)
Sept 26-Oct 25
Limited Quota (Area 93)
Oct 1-Oct 31

Deer Hunt Dates
General - Region H (Area 146 and 155)
Sept 15-Oct 7
Limited Quota (Area 162)
October 1-Oct 21

Antelope Hunt Dates
Sept 10-October 31

Moose and Sheep Hunt Dates
Moose (Area 3): Sept 20-Oct 31
Moose (Area 5): Oct 1-Oct 31

Sheep Hunt Dates
Bighorn Sheep (Area 7): Sept 1-Oct 31
Bighorn Sheep (Area 8 & 23): Sept 1-Oct 15
Bighorn Sheep (Area 10): Aug 15-Oct 15

Deposit and Refund Policy
A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. Personal checks are acceptable and should be postdated March 1st. Your check will not be cashed until after the draw results are made available. (Wyoming Game & Fish Department web site) Your deposit check will be returned if you are unsuccessful in the draw. Deposits will be refunded up to the day before the start of the season if a medical condition prevents you from hunting. The medical condition must be documented in writing from your physician. The refund is contingent upon you requesting and receiving a refund from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for the purchase price of your license. Deposits are otherwise non-refundable. The balance of the hunt is due the first night in camp.

Black Diamond Outfitting LLC operates under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. We are licensed by the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides under Big Game License BG-350 and are insured by Markel Insurance Company. References are available upon request. Call us if you have questions about our services or date availability. Use our online information request form and we'll get back with you by phone or e-mail.

Wyoming Game & Fish Harvest Reports
Hunting Regulations-Wyoming Game & Fish Dept
Wyoming State Board of Outfitters

Wyoming Wilderness Area Map

Wyoming Map

Closer Area Map


All Species Available
We offer year-round hunting on private land in South Africa. All species are available including elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, and all African antelope. Interested parties contact Black Diamond Outfitting for South African Outfitter information and booking inquiries Hunting for some species is conducted in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Various types of hunting are available and vary from night time hunting from a landcruiser, to game drives, to traditional spot, stalk, and walk. All animals are free range animals and not confined to a game park or preserve.

Black Springbok Kudu bull. Very exciting to hunt!Impala
These animals were taken by Black Diamond Outfitting's owner in spring, 2004, in Camdeboo Conservancy in the Greater Karoo on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. All animals were taken with a .300 Winchester Magnum with 180 grain bullets.

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Operating under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Equal opportunity service provider.
Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides License #BG-350.